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*Dont forget we now have Build Your Own Class available! Put together your own playgroup of 6 or more and pick what your group is interested in doing and a time that works for your group and we will hold the class for you!

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Social Butterflies

For ages infant - 2.5. Our Social Butterflies class is designed for Mom/Caregiver and baby. This class will impact your babies emotional, social, and cognitive development while also allowing Mom to get some social time. Other concepts such as sharing, taking turns, and following directions for the toddlers will also be introduced. Come out and meet other Moms with babies in our area.

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Toddler Variety  

In our Toddler Variety Class you toddler will get to participate in a different class each week designed for Mom and Toddler. This Class is suitable for ages 1 to 2.5. Anything from sports, to painting, to sensory and more. Get all the great classes in one Variety Session. 

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Tumbling & Dance 

Our intro to tumbling and dance combo class is set for ages 1 to 2.5 in our Toddler Session and 3 to 5 years in our Preschool Session. It is creatively designed to increase each student's individual awareness and coordination. Mommy/Caregiver are welcome to participate. Your child will enjoy learning while having a tons of fun. Instructors assist the children through exciting and challenging activities which lead to motor and sensory skill development. Games and obstacle courses reinforce the gymnastics concepts, along with learning social and listening skills.

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Peewee Sports /Gross Motor 

For ages 2.5 - 5. The PeeWee sports and Gross Motor class is a fun experience that your child will absolutely love and at the same time enable him or her to get out their endless amounts of energy. The children will be able to participate in several different sporting activities each week and we will focus on following directions, sharing, taking turns, and being a team player. They will also have time for free play and socialization. Children love playing with the parachute which improves their vocabulary on directional words and opposites.

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Crafty Creations - Preschool

For ages 3-5. In this class your child will create many different crafts. We will create a new project each week like puppets, paintings, sand art,  ceramics and other projects. Dress for mess and come and be creative!

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Preschool Playgroup

For ages 3-5. In our Preschool Playgroup your preschooler will learn while playing with others in a group. We will have many different activities over the 6 week period that will keep you preschooler wanting more. We will have Games and Crafts, Stories and Exploring, Dramatic Play and so much more!

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For ages 2.5 - 5. Our Sensory Sensations class will focus on sight, hearing, touch and smell. Sensory inputs unlock different motor functions essential for a child's growth and development. Through exploring tactile, proprioceptive, and vestibular input, you and your child will gain insight into how they perceive their sensory environment. Each of these sensory systems interact in your child's daily life (pre-handwriting and handwriting, play, and gross and fine motor functioning).

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Storytime Yoga

For ages 2 - 5. Join us as we tell a story and enjoy some yoga fun! This class will take your little ones on a yoga adventure through the use of storytelling to develop their strength, balance, and confidence.

**Please Note: Have your little ones wear comfy clothes they can move in**

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Little Chefs

For ages 3 - 5. Little Chefs will introduce your child to new ingredients and different tools they will need to make the foods they love to eat. This class will teach children how to measure, mix, pour and mash. The recipes will be fun and creative with a component that will enable your child to use his / her imagination. For safety reasons all of the recipes made will not include using an oven, stove or other device that can be harmful to children.

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Fine Motor/Gross Motor

In this class your child will explore both fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills let your child perform crucial tasks like reaching and grasping, moving objects and using tools like crayons, pencils and scissors. The gross motor focuses on different skills that will challenge your child and improve their agility. They will also have time for free play and socialization. Children love playing with these items like the parachute which improves their vocabulary on directional words and opposites. It will also involve listening skills as well as receiving simple directions and taking turns.

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Creative Paint

For ages 3 - 5. In Creative Paint your toddler / preschooler will paint, sing, sculpt, collage and imagine in a uniquely creative space. This will cultivate artistic exploration through a hands-on, multimedia experience. Their own creativity will sharpen fine motor skills, and build confidence while meeting new friends. We’ll learn about famous artists & their works. We’ll look for inspiration in Storybooks, Seasons, Holidays, Nature… and explore many different ways to create, getting our hands into lots of different mediums. Dress for mess and artistic success!

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One Hour Paint

For ages kindergarten and up. In our 1 hour paint class your child will create his or her own masterpiece. The teacher will guide them through with step by step instructions and teach them the easy methods to bring out the artist in everyone.

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Slime Time

For ages kindergarten and up. Join us for some ooey-gooey fun! Come explore the messier side of art in this fun filled class. We will roll up our sleeves and make a mess as we mix up a batch of slime in different colors adding in a variety of textures and create an oh-so-silly jar to store it in. This course teaches children about the ingredients needed to make a good ‘ol batch of slime then they will explore many different ways to play with it!

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Stem & Lego Creations

For ages 6 and up. In this class students will create their amazing LEGO projects, they can build from templates or using their imagination. They will also be given challenges. Each class will end with a mini-lesson on presentation. We will also explore STEM. It's all about learning, creating, constructing and having fun!  So put on your thinking caps and get ready to dive into lots of hands-on activities!!

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In this class we will dive into many different projects over the 6 week program. We will accomplish many different crafts from sewing, modge podging, painting, beading, clay and more. Let your creativity drive you wild!

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Open Play

During open play, we will have several different stations set up around the room where your child can play and socialize with other children. Appropriate ages for Open Play are 18 months to 7 years old.

Cost: $10 per child, any child after is $8

*Please Note that Open Play does not have a structured curriculum or teacher and children must be supervised by guardian*

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